Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trying to catch a break

I have been at CHOP since June 22, 2008. Its been about 7 weeks. I have been in the Seashore house for the past 3 weeks. My Mom visits me everyday...its the one thing I look forward to everyday.

I have a Rhino Virus (head cold/fever). I have a fever, and more mucous secretions. The fever increases my seizures and so they are non-stop. I am extremely uncomfortable and very irritable. I realy like it when my Mommy holds me in her arms, because thats the only thing that makes me feel comfortable. I thought the nurse at the hospital was going to move me closer to the window, and she forgot to do it. I have a new roomate, and she has the window. I am hoping I get the window soon.

I had a recent visit with my Aunt Sue Anne and her friend Joy who used to work in the NICU at CHOP. She was very cautious with me when holding me and knew how to hold me just right so I take my pacifier. It was a really nice visit. Here are some pictures they took of me.

Please pray that my fever goes down, my brain heals and seizures go away, my mucous secretions thin out, I can breathe on my own without oxygen tubes, my G-tube area's infection heals, and that the pneumonia brewing in my left lobe, disappears. Please pray for a miracle to heal me of all my ailments. And Please ask your little ones to pray for me too, the Lord listens to your children's prayers with special ears. I will fight this out, knowing you are praying for me.


Shuvra Kundu said...

hope u get well soon Gianna... leaving a soft prayer by your pillow... will come back tomorrow to check on you...

Shuvra Kundu said...

Long time no see little princess! How r u?