Friday, September 26, 2008

You've Come A Long Way, Baby!...

Mom tells me this all the time... and has told me that slogan was used as an ad for a cigarette commercial back in the 80's. Ironically... here I am working hard to breathe and there are people out there with normal lungs and airway passages just trying to hurt them with cigarettes? I don't understand that?!
My mom and dad are soo proud of me these days, because I have come a long way! I made it to the Jersey Shore and went on my first family vacation over a month ago. I even got to the beach for some pictures! Smell the salty air, hear the seagulls go "eek", watch my brothers carry their boogie boards to the beach, my parents have cocktail hour, and even got sand between my piggy toes!
It was hard work, but my parents made it happen for me! I was always with one of them at all times. They brought all the machines and medicines so I could go on a true family vacation with them. We all gathered in Avalon, NJ at the beach for a family portrait. Avalon is where my mom & dad met!!! It was fun, but we had to go back home so that my brothers could go back to school! Its exciting to hear everyone in the morning get ready and hear the bus come down the street. I see Mrs Doherty come and take my brother to school and drop him off. Mrs Cantando comes over too. Its been fun being home and listening to all the sounds of home! I have many nurses who come to take care of me through out the day and night like Willy, Erin, and Ken.
Thank you for all your prayers, I truly feel your HOPE for me. It is because of your prayers and all these great people who care for me.. that I have come a long way... and a long way I want to go! Hugs & Kisses!