Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gianna's Funeral Services

Viewing will be held at Stretch's Funeral Home 6-9pm Friday November, 5, 2010.
Saturday November 6, 2010 10am with 11;30am catholic mass at St Patrick's in Malvern, PA
The burial will follow at the Calvary Cemetery with reception to follow.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Gianna can fly" - my big brother said to my little brothers.

It was a warmer day than usual for October, but Mom & Dad had to take me to CHOP because I had an unusually low temperature and everyone at Bayada and CHOP did everything they could to keep me healthy. I left my mom and dad's arms in the afternoon on All Saints Day, and of course I had to be a little reluctant to leave so we could have a proper goodbye. I loved how all my brothers were there. All my Aunts and Uncles sang songs to me. My grandmothers lead the prayers and everyone was there with me as I entered heaven as a true angel. All of my family wanted to hold me, and shower me with lots of love as I became an angel. I received so much love. I was wrapped in a pretty pink warm blankets. I heard my mom and dad's voices... you can't mistake my Dad's voice...its soo masculine with a deep tone. Mom told me she loved taking care of me! I had the best team of nurses and doctors on earth.
My brothers said goodbye to me and stayed with me, mom & dad, all day. They gave me lots of kisses, and sang me a song. I have three of them, we all put paint on our hands and put our hands together on a canvas. And soon after, I went home to heaven.
Before I was born, I was in my mommy's tummy and on Nov 1, 2007 my parents were both at CHOP when the doctors told them I was to be an Aicardi Angel .
3 years on earth with endless support, care, & Love, I told my parents and brothers that I am going to be an Angel in heaven. My mom & dad told me that I am came to them peacefully and now I am leaving them peacefully. I am always with my family, with Love.