Friday, August 22, 2008

Pink is a good color for me.

Its been almost one week, and then it happened again. I couldn't breathe, my stats dropped, and mom revived me. She said I turned blue. I heard her talking to me, but it was hard to breathe, even with the oxygen tube. I tried my hardest to breathe, and with the help of mom and dad... I felt a little better breathing and then it wasn't soo hard. I turned pink again. Pink is good. Good for me.
My parents had to make the call to 911 and now I am in the hospital again. I am trying my best to be good for them, and sometimes its soo hard to breathe (with oxygen). They just Love me soo much. I Love them soo much.
I hope to go home tomorrow to be with them, and hope to go to the real "seashore" house with my family this week, because I heard the air is easier to breathe at the shore. Hope is what I have.


amparito said...

Animos desde espaƱa

CC Sue Kerr said...

Dear Gianna:

Bet you hummed while everyone sang Happy Birthday to Brendan! So happy for you that you were home. Did it feel like your family celebrated your return home too? Aunt Joanie White said a special one hour program on St. Gianna will be on EWTN Nov 22, 8 PM, again Nove 23, 1 AM and Nov 27 during the day. I can't recall the exact time.
YOU are right your color is PINK! Stay there with PINK.

Love, Hugs, Hope, Aunt Cassie