Monday, October 31, 2011

"when everything returns to normal.. yet, nothing is"

It is one year ago today Gianna was surrounded by Love in her hospital room. We sang songs to her, and we told her how much we love her. Most of all, we Thanked her for touching our lives. We knew we were holding an Angel on her last day on earth, and in return she let us know it. Gianna was not vocal, but she responded with her eyes (and some head rolls). Gi communicated a very special messsage as she let us hold her no matter the number of attached cords and tubes: To be held, is to love. Many of us called her "our" Gianna, because she made everyone feel like family when you held her.
It was such a beautiful moment when she connected with us on many occasions, much like the joy when having a child say his first word. She taught us how to communicate with her. I think sometimes she used the pulse oximeter that was connected to her toe. It would beep like a morse code. We would be in the other room talking, and the pulse oximeter would alert. She was telling us she didn't want to be alone, and wanted to hear our conversation. So we would stay in her room and talk. The pulse ox would not beep so often, and of course the noise would completely dissipate when you held her AND talked to her.

Her brothers would crawl into her crib and play with her. They were gentle, but they still are young boys who don't know the limits. Gianna let them know the limits with her, but mostly she loved their company and would put up with most of it just so they stayed with her. They adored her and loved her company. They knew how to play together. The youngest boy still draws pictures of these moments, a year later. Gi's other brother asked what type of candy do you think she's eating in heaven... a year later. They are so proud of their little sister as an angel in heaven, but miss her dearly everyday.
Her community and church recently came together to hold a benefit for her brothers' school in Gianna's name. It was a grand affair and a great tribute of the kindness & generosity of St Patrick's parishoners. Once again, they came together to raise funds for a new science lab for the school much like they came together to support Gianna when she was with us. Her parents are so grateful to be surrounded by such great friends and families, and in return hope the science lab will benefit all their children in learning more about the science of healing at St Patricks School.

Its a year later and the family is thriving on activities, school, sports, friends, parties, and still remaining to keep Gianna in their hearts and their home. So one would say its back to normal, yet nothing is.

Thanks for all your prayers, support, & love.