Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I turned 6 months!

Party like its my Birthday!

My Dad surprised me with a cake and party on my 6 month birthday! My cake was beautiful! We had pink party hats and decorations! My Dad knows how to celebrate! I was soo tired it was hard to keep my eyes open, but I heard them sing to me, and Dad gave me lots of birthday kisses. I even made a Birthday wish... and it soon came true, I can be held in my Dad's arms again, now!

I am trying to get better and with help of everyone's prayers, and hard work at the hospital. I hope to soon come home for some summer fun.

I moved out of the PICU: its a bitter sweet because I really loved my nurses and my room there, but am glad that I am getting a little better. I moved into the Seashore House at CHOP. A group of physicians will watch over me and try to get the "big picture" and hopefully get me home soon. And now my family can come and hold me. I love to be held in my mommy and daddy's arms! and my brothers can crawl into the crib with me again, and play with me. Your prayers work, and I hope to be home soon. Thank you!


CC Sue Kerr said...

Dear Gianna Marie:

Thank you for sharing your half birthday party w website viewers. YOU are beautiful and pretty in pink! YOU look so happy even w your eye lids down.

YOU are an amazing baby! Able to recover well from all you endured, over the past 3 weeks; earlier weeks were the training courses and practices. Thank God, you have wonderful "coaches" who stand by your parents. Keep going: one synapse, one breath, one smile, one giggle at a time.

Your Guardian Angels, Our Heavenly Father, the Great HS, Baby Jesus, His Mother Mary, St. Joe, Jesus' Grandmom St. Anne and Grandpop, St. Joaquin, your Grandpops, Joe and Leo, your cousin, John, your Aunt Elizabeth & Uncle Zachariah, with your 2 Uncle Joes, cousin Steve, help every friend, family, especially your brothers Henry, Stephen, Brendan and the wonderful Hospital and Home staffs, your doctors to make more days 2B good days and better ways to carry through for you to go home again.

HOLD Faith & prayers on the feast days of Sts. Anne & Joaquin 7/25thru 8/15 Mother Mary's way to rise Above, thru Mary's BD 9/8 to Her Way to brave sorrow, 9/15. The time 4 UR special healing miracle.
God knows you are perfect and all things are possible with God!
Love, Hugs, Hope, Aunt Cassie


Dear Gianna,

I grew up (a long time ago) with your Daddy in Rosemont. Your Grandmom Kay and my Mom are very dear friends. My name is Joni Spence (it used be Hunter) I met you and your Mom at the Childrens Specialty Care center in Exton, where I work. I know your Mommy's sister Sue Ann now too, from working at CHOP. My little girl, who I named Dana (small world) spent alot of her infancy at CHOP Main also. She had alot of operations on her heart, and we know how the love and prayers of others can work miracles. My Dana will be 23 years old this Sunday. So you and your family hang in there, and fight hard, and know that prayers are all around you, all the time.