Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home away from Home: The Seashore House at CHOP

It was a rough evening for me yesterday being my first day home from the hospital. I had a great day at home with Mom and Dad. A nurse came to take care of me and mom went to work. As the evening went on, I found it difficult to breathe. The nurse saw me having difficulties and called 911. The EMTs tried to suction a mucus plug out of me, and then they took me down to CHOP ED. It was a good call, said the Docs.
I am back to see my old friends on 4 WEST, and breathing well. I am looking to go home for the weekend, and stay home for longer than last time. Your prayers are working for me... but can you send some Martinis to my parents at home?! ;) Dad likes Sierra Nevadas too.

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