Monday, August 10, 2009

My GREAT Aunt Nancy

Today my mom and dad attended the funeral of my Great Aunt Nancy. Great Aunt Nancy is my mother's godmother, and her late husband, Joe, was my mom's godfather and grandmom's big brother.

I met my Great Aunt Nancy at my christening last year for the first time, she held me for a long time at my party at my house. She had short reddish hair, big beautiful eyes, and a distinguished voice. She wore a sharp outfit that looked very modern, chic, and classic. Her jewelry was fun, modern, and beautiful. I really loved the way she held me in her arms that day. I was held by a lot of my mom's friends, my aunts, my grandmoms, my cousins, and my godmother on my special day. I noticed something different about the way Great Aunt Nancy held me, like she was born to hold a child in her arms. She was very experienced at this maternal deliverance. Mom told me she has 9 children, and 15 grandchildren! She also has held all of her nieces, nephews, and friends' babies when they were my age.. AND she also has held her nieces', nephews', and friends' babies!! that's a lot of baby holding.

Great Aunt Nancy was Great at holding babies! And what is so Great about the way she held me? It was her way of telling me that she Loves me, and I felt her Love for me. I Love my Great Aunt Nancy for holding me and sharing her love with me. I am grateful to have had my Great Aunt Nancy praying for me, and being a Great Godmother to my mom. I will continue to fight through my ilness like she did through her illness. Aunt Nancy, you are truly Great. We will miss your Greatness here on earth, but will keep it in my heart.