Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gianna's Love, A Poem

With sincere gratitude to the unknown author of this beautiful poem dedicated to Gianna who anonymously sent us these beautiful words just days before her birthday. Today we remember Gianna with greater love, gratitude and peace as it was nine years ago today she entered our world. Happy Birthday & GBG. 🎀
Gianna’s Love, A Poem

I came to you on a winter’s day
Or maybe you, only you, came to me
To hold my hand, shower love in this life
Brief but enduring…that’s what I’ll always say

She’s pretty in pink, that’s what they all think
A gentle smile, she captivates us all the while
The hands of time seek to remind
Our time is finite, forever to unwind

The sun rises early just to see her face
The birds, the bees all take their place
“Greetings, sweet angel, who welcomes the morning glow
Could you look more precious, your pretty hair with its bow!”

Our rose has bloomed
And in her joy…constantly
We are consumed
But quickly we remember our sacrifice and our sorrow
To ask the Lord to borrow
A moment in time for one more tomorrow
With us she can’t remain, all part of God’s will to attain
Her last breath will always be our first breath
Of each sunrise and blessed mourn

And yet our rose of sunburst bright
Must fade and fade, defeated by night
Forever pretty in pink
To join the cherubs adorning heaven’s gate
But patiently we will wait and wait….and wait

Grandma’s love, balloons, and songs of joy
Surrounded by her brothers’ love…
And their silly toys
Remember me, oh please
Remember me
Forever and always as your precious
Little bubble bee
You’ll find me in my garden
Amongst Mom’s flowers I will play
Leave a wiffle ball, bat or glove
I need them near me, I need your love

Come out back, will you, and play?
And all the while along your way
Fight and argue
Laugh and run
And when you’re tired, the games all done
Know that your bubble bee truly
Was the one who had the most fun

And now the stars of night compel my flight
My wonder boys, to you I bid farewell…
A blessed goodnight
Sunrise, I trust, will welcome a new day
Look for me atop the prettiest rose
Come out back, will you, and play?