Friday, May 2, 2008

I am home from the hospital.

I was at CHOP for 16 days. I am home now with my brothers and parents. I am back to wearing my pink clothes, hanging in my swing, held by mom & dad ... grandmoms too, and hanging out on the porch on a beautiful spring day.
Today I was at the Neurologist, Dr Licht's office. I really like him, he is soo nice to my mom and dad. And he is always checking in on me. He told mom that I am not supposed to have seizures that last more than 15 mins, and that I should go to the ER if that happens again. ...I really hope that doesn't happen, because I don't want to go back to ANY hospital after these past weeks. I just want to be home and be in the comforts of home. A nurse comes to the house now and helps me with my new feeding tube. I have to follow up with the different doctors: pediatrician, general surgery, GI, pulmonary, opthamology, and orthopedics in the next couple of weeks. Mom needs to coordinate these appointments, and she is looking for help from CHOP to help her do this. Mom is also going back to work in a few days.
I am soo happy to see my brothers again. They keep me company all the time at home.

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Melea said...

I came across your blog while browsing. I can't tell you how much your little girl has touched my heart. I don't even know what to say. She is a beautiful, precious Angel. I wish your family the best and look forward to many more posts about her precious life.
Melea Bates