Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gi is back at CHOP

I have seemed to pick up a cold. I am congested, and need oxygen to help me breathe.
Saturday night the nurse came to take care of me, saw a lot of white mucous, and I was put on oxygen because my stats would drop into the 60s when they took me off of it.
Mom and Dad took me to the ED at CHOP on Sunday, hoping they could fix the problem and send us all back home. Well mom and dad went back home at 10pm, but they kept me....because I only do well when I am on the oxygen. Its Tuesday, and I am in the Neurology wing at CHOP. Mom comes, everyday, to be with me and holds me through my seizures. She has to get my brothers to camp in the mornings, and then reschedules her work shift before she can be with me.
Today my friend and old roomate, Liam from Long Island, left the hospital. Liam was my roomate a month ago when I came in for having too many intense seizures. Liam has been at CHOP for months, he is 9 months old, and there is nothing else the doctors can do for Liam. Please pray for my friend, Liam, and his family.
Thank you for all your prayers.

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CC Sue Kerr said...

Dear Gianna:

YOu and Liam and your parents and brothers are in my prayers. Liam is on new prayer lists in different time zones so that he with you will have prayers raised to heaven to God, and all the Angels and the Saints. Just want you to know that in Children's Hospital and in all the homes of ill, hurt babies and children, many more angels come in a flash to be with you and your own guardian angels. They give you kisses and help you to move your head, in ways, you feel them, but are invisible to others. Liam and all your future friends have many angels too. Keep on being your beautiful and wonderful selves! Love, Hugs Blessings and hopes for billions and trillions of Angel kisses,

Aunt Cassie