Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The day I was born....

It was a warmer day than usual for January, but Mom had to be scheduled to bring me into this earth. I was born in the afternoon, of course I had to be a little reluctantly to come out. It was warm for January, but still..its January in the Mid-Atlantic! I thought it was pretty cool because I was born where my mom is a nurse. All her friends wanted to hold me, and shower me with lots of gifts. I received lots of pink things! Now it was at the point where I received a pretty pink warm blanket that I thought... hmmm, its not soo bad out here afterall. I couldn't quite open my eyes, but I heard my mom and dad's voices... you can't mistake my Dad's voice...its soo masculine with a deep tone. Mom had her story telling voice on... she loves to tell the stories...and I like to listen! we are a good team.
My brothers came in the next day. I have three of them, the 2 younger ones kept climbing onto Mom, where my oldest brother was very gentle with me, and he gave me many kisses. I thought it was time to go home, and then Mom got nervous because she saw me turn blue. I went to the NICU soon after, Mom went home. But I stayed....but they kept bringing me more pink gifts, so it wasn't soo bad. I missed my Mom's voice, but she came back for me to feed me. And soon I went home.
Before I was born, Mom knew something wasn't right when carrying me in her tummy. She talked to many doctors, and then went to CHOP's Fetal Diagnosis and Treatment center. That is where they did all these tests on me & mom (she didn't like the tests), but then one of the doctors broke the news to my mom & dad that I have Aicardi Syndrome. What? Bacardi run home??? I couldn't quite hear what the doc was saying, but I felt the movement of mom...and what ever he said upset her. Dad's voice got even deeper than I ever heard him. But I had a long day with all these tests, and I can wait til they get home to google what ever the doc called it.
I still had about 3 months to arrive for my Birthday. I can wait it out.

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