Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Back

The boys went to back to school, and I soon went back to CHOP.

There has been a change in my status. I am not able to "sprint" as often as I was able to do so. Sprint means that I could take a break from the BiPAP machine. The break would allow me to use the nasal cannula tubes for oxygen. The BiPAP machine...air delivered through a mask is set at a measured pressure for inhaling and another for exhaling. BiPAP allows me to get more air in and out of the lungs because I sometimes lack the natural muscular effort needing to do so.

So now I am at CHOP, and I am reliant on the BiPAP machine at all times. They tried to sprint me again, but I cant respond like I did in the past.

So in addition to many people praying for me, I have many doctors working to help me so that I can breathe on my own again. Including my big brothers. Stephen has taken on the role of Dr Licht, my neurologist as he was trying to fix my brain...and Brendan was trying to tap into my lungs to help me breathe like Dr Goldfarb, my pulmonologist.

They know I still need more "fixin' ". So my brothers are going to come back to visit me almost everyday to help fix me. My family is praying for me everyday to help heal me.

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Cousin Alex said...

Hang in there little Gianna!! I have a great group of ladies, as well as myself, who ask Jesus every day for a cure to be found. We also ask Jesus to grant you a speedy recovery so that you can go back home, where you belong, with your Mommy, Daddy, brothers, and your two Grandmommies who all love you sooo much.

My prayers, love, and support are with all of you.
Cousin Alex