Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunshine Day for Gianna

The first grade class at St Patrick's School held a "Sunshine Day for Gianna".
The past couple of months they sold bracelets that said "Faith for Gianna" on it. They are green and white. The class raised money and more importantly, they pray for me everyday.
My family and I were invited to the first grade's Sunshine Day mass and reception on March 25, 2009. I was excited to meet all the kids, so I wore my special dress, sweater, and shoes. I tried to be on my best behavior. It was great to see the children in their school uniforms. They read to me at mass, and gave out pins with big suns on them. My brothers were by my side the whole time. After mass, we went to the school's cafeteria where there were donuts and drinks. Although, I can't eat food like donuts, I enjoyed watching everyone talk and eat yummy snacks. Then all the little girls in the class came around me and watched me sleep. I heard them say nice things about me, and ask questions about me. Mom told me I was a very good girl for them. I was soo happy to meet all these pretty little girls. I am always surrounded by boys.. because I have 3 big brothers... it was really nice to see other little girls. The boys in the class also came over, and we all took a picture together. My dad spoke to the class and asked them to be my friends as I grow older, and even asked them to be my cousins! I love that! I have special bonds with my cousins. One of the girls told my dad that "she looks like a baby doll"! I was so happy to hear that!
Much Love and Thanks to the Teachers and First Grade Class at St Patrick's school in Malvern!

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