Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I had a special visit from Cardinal Rigali today

I had soo many visitors today, it was great! I wore a beautiful pink dress with a pink bow on the front, my hair was curled, and I was loving the attention from all of my family. I was held by soo many people today. I was tickled pink!

Cardinal Rigali walked into my hospital room and my Dad introduced him to my audience. And then he came over to me, he said I was "angelic". My dad explained how much of a blessing I am to the family. His Eminence talked soo nicely of me and how he loved my name, "after the great saint" he said. He lead my family into prayer and my Grandmothers were in their glory. Truly in His Glory.
I had such a great day today and I am so blessed to have Parents to have asked the Cardinal to come visit and pray over me today. Today I felt like an Angel.
Thanks Mom for asking Cardinal Rigali to come and bless me. Thanks Dad for sharing our story with Cardinal Rigali. Thank you Cardinal Rigali and Monsignor McIntyre for your prayers and support. It was truly an Honor to meet you today.


Gianna said...

You are all so BLESSED in many ways! Keep sharing your lives with others, you are all doing God's work here on earth! Each one of you has a special role in Gianna's life/love story...embrace it! God has given you the strength to remind all of us what it means to be a PROLIFE FAMILY!

Aunt Shannon

Bernadette and David Stitt said...

We're speechless after watching the video of Cardinal Rigali's visit.We definitely felt the magic.It was great seeing Gianna look at AnneMarie as she spoke to the Cardinal, knowing something special was up. You are amazing parents & brothers! The Best messengers of His Love! Thank you for sharing your family so generously with us!
Bern & David

Donna Rea said...

Hi Annemarie, Gianna, and family,
It was an honor to see the video of Cardinal Rigali's visit. Even though I don't get to see your Mommy as much as I would like to anymore, she is always in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that you can come home soon and rest in your own crib. Bobby and Joey send their own special blessings to you. Stay strong.
Donna Rea